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About Us


We Help You Identify Relevant Information For Your Success

Let's face it.  With the creation and expansion of the internet, massive amounts of information are at your fingertips.  Through Google and Youtube alone, you can search billions of documents and videos.  Type the word "success" in Google, and over 1 billion documents are retrieved.  So, what do you do with this information?  Yes, you can look at the first 50 highest ranked documents to see if you can find something helpful, but all this searching and analyzing takes an incredible amount of time, time you could be using more efficiently on other vital success activities.  At UIDM,  you could identify a mentor, exchange information with your professional peers, read the professional-focused articles created by our members and UIDM team, seek assistance from our UIDM team, or engage in online discussion with members on professional topics important to you.

We Connect You With Professionals, Entrepreneurs, and and other Influential People

Most successful people understand the importance of connecting with other people to exchange information, market their capabilities, and make powerful business or career moves more easily.  In fact, one great connection could lead to endless life-changing possibilities!  While some people rely on chance meetings, you can use our professional network to help make it happen, intentionally!


But what about the large companies that provide a free international platform for networking and information exchange?  Well, have you tried those sites?  Who is really making meaningful connections on those sites?  Sure, if you are already connected to people, that might be a good place to warehouse those connections, but are they a good place to make the initial connections?  Who is helping you to get connected the way you want?  There may not be a harm in joining such a site, but don't you want to be connected with a company that truly cares about you and is taking steps to promote your success?  


U&I Dealmakers doesn't just provide a platform. We are constantly working on ways to help our members achieve greater success more quickly.  Further, because we are not a free service, our business model requires that we be responsive to the needs of our members, not just comfortable warehousing an ineffective system of potential connections.  Further, because our members pay to be on the site, it demonstrates they have a strong commitment to their own success.  


So, the bottom line is we are "hands-on" when it comes to helping our members, and we listen to the feedback we receive to help continually improve the benefits our members derive from being connected with us.

Connect with us, and we look forward to being a part of your successful future!

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