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We provide the following services:

  • Professional Networking

  • Creative Solutions

  • Consulting Services

  • Educational Services

UIDM Professional Network

Our UIDM Professional Network includes an online interactive network where persons may exchange business best practices and thoughts; connect with people in various professions or careers; discuss topics, questions, or issues through our discussion forum; obtain information through our knowledge database, receive UIDM team feedback on particular matters (subject to UIDM team availability), or obtain mentoring.


To become a member of the UIDM Professional Network, simply click on the "UIDM Professional Network" tab above, follow the directions, including providing the appropriate billing information, and you will be directed to the UIDM Professional Network website.

Start tapping into the power of the network now!

Creative Solutions

UIDM wants to be a partner in maximizing your success.  Our "Creative Solutions" service, which is similar to a brain trust, can work with you or your business on customized solutions to address obstacles you are having to your success.

What we understand is that one of the greatest hurdles to your success is overcoming the hurdles to your success.  While this may seem like restating the obvious, it is not.  We understand that a key reason many people are not successful at achieving their dreams is that there are barriers in their way.  Let us help you identify ways of overcoming these barriers so you can be on your way to success faster!  You think you've thought of everything?  You probably haven't.  Let us try to help you!

If your issue or problem involves thinking through possible solutions, including who, what entity, or what type of research might be able to assist you better, we are happy to help!

We provide seminars, discussion sessions, and information resources to help streamline the ability of our members to efficiently obtain certain necessary knowledge to assist in maximizing their success.  Our UIDM Professional Network members typically will receive such services at a favorable rate.

Educational Services
UIDM Professional Network
Creative Solutions


Consulting Services

The UIDM Team is available to provide Consulting Services beyond the limited assistance we provide through the Professional Network.  


If you require further assistance that is beyond the scope of what you are receiving in the UIDM Professional Network, please contact us by email (, and provide a detailed description of what you require.  

If we believe we are properly positioned to assist you, we will discuss our fees with you for such services.  If we believe we are not the best choice for assisting you with the matter, we will discuss other possible options with you, including possibly obtaining reduced fees by engaging our affiliate company, which can provide more complex analysis for large, medium, and mid-sized companies.

Consulting Services
Educational Services
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