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To sign up for our UIDM Professional Network and gain access to our UIDM Professional Network interactive online website, select a billing option below, sign up using the "UIDM Professional Network" link below, and give us up to 48 hours to provide you with access.  If you have trouble accessing the UIDM Professional Network website once you have followed these steps, send us an email using the 
"Contact" page on this website. You can try it free for 7 days.  Just click the subscribe button below and Paypal will guide you through the rest.  Welcome to the U&I Dealmakers Professional Network! Enjoy!

UIDM Professional Network Member Benefits:

  • Access to the interactive UIDM Professional Network

  • Access to informative resources in the UIDM Professional Network website of interest to entrepreneurs, professionals, students, and others focused on their success

  • A discussion forum where you can ask questions and seek answers from other UIDM members or staff

  • Reasonable consultations with the UIDM Team (subject to availability) to better utilize the network, locate particular information on our site, ask certain routine small business related questions, or request we add certain additional useful information to our website

  • Opportunity to market or promote your business or yourself through your "My Page" section of the UIDM Professional Network

  • Affiliation with UIDM, a company that is working to improve the communities it serves by donating some of its time and resources to help communities thrive

  • The services of UIDM, a company working to maximize the success of people like you

  • Access to potential mentors or mentoring information

  • Access to persons who can help answer your basic startup business questions

  • By being part of a premium network, you get to interact with persons who have demonstrated they are committed to their success by paying to access the site

  • A company that truly values diversity.  This means that everyone is welcome irrespective of race, religion, gender, or other attributes which should not be relevant to one's success.  Also note, our use of the word "professional" is intended to reflect a level of professionalism we expect users to exhibit in the network.  It is not intended to limit the network to a class of persons who work in certain "professions."  Our use of the term is broad to include such persons as well as many other persons who are not in such professions.  We believe the diversity of thought, careers, and businesses is a positive attribute of our network.

UIDM Professional Network

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